Gift Idea of the Day #2: Turbo Twisters

Gift Idea of the Day #2: Turbo Twisters
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Put this in the category of pure entertainment. This was the boys’ favorite toy Santa left under the tree last year, I think because they provided instant fun. The remote control vehicles light up, twist, and zoom around the room in crazy positions. If you’re looking for laughter on Christmas morning, this is a solid bet. Once the wrapping paper was cleared they had the cars racing around the living room until we left for my parents’ house… and then once we were there these were the toys that all of the adults wanted a turn to try. Later, once it was dark, they were even better because we could fully appreciate the lights streaking through the house.

Santa was smart, too. He delivered one red Twister that operates on 27 MHz, and one blue one that operates on 49 MHz. This way both vehicles can operate at once without their signals crossing… unlike the year the boys were sent identical remote control robots. Same frequency= unlimited frustration. Each requires 5 AA batteries, two for the remote control and 3 for the vehicle. I hope you have as much fun with them as we did!

Here is a link to the red:

Orange is also an option, but be forewarned: it runs on the same MHz as the red:

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