Gift Idea #3: Snap Circuits   


Snap Circuits are a terrific STEM toy that provide an introduction into how to build with electricity. We put them in the category of functional, educational toy… there’s no crazy fun… well, except when you figure out how to operate the fan so it releases, spins across the room, and hits your unsuspecting brother in the head.

Snap Circuits is a toy that serves a purpose. The directions are clear, so the boys were able to do the entire projects on their own- or experiment with their own ideas once they got the hang of it- without supervision after their initial attempts. (Affiliate link follows.)

We do give Snap Circuits a thumbs up, though. There were many times last winter when they would ask to get on screens to play games, and I added “do a SnapCircuits project first and show it to me.” At first they complained, but I think in the end they liked the hands-on, interactive alternative. I liked that they spent some time building their brains before feeding their glassy-eyed screen zombie alter-egos. Win-win!

What do you think? Please tell us!

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