About Bringing Up Innovators

Bringing Up Innovators  hatched from a Saturday morning trip to Costco when a white board jumpeWhite Board in Stored out at us and demanded to become part of our basement reorganization. The white board became the lynch pin in tying together a home makerspace in what used to be the office.

We use the white board for daily (ok, sometimes weekly) quotes, a list of the day’s activities and expectations, and feedback from the boys (often in cartoon form. Who wouldn’t want to draw a picture of blowing up their chores list?).

Why are we Bringing Up Innovators? Because we don’t want to raise glassy-eyed screen zombies. There is definitely a place for screens in our lives, but within limits. Will our kids grow up to be geniuses, or Steve Jobs or Ashton Kutcher? There’s no telling. But we hope they will look up, appreciate moments for what they offer, and be able to solve their own problems.

We value playing, tinkering, staring out windows, and the pursuit of all creative endeavors.

We find fresh air is2015Boys and Mom Goggles On often the best source of terrific ideas… OK, fresh air and sometimes a trip to Costco!